Condiciones de Compra

Condiciones de Compra

Terms and conditions of the web subscription

1. General information

All subscriptions made on our website (hereinafter Handelai) by the user (hereinafter "the User") shall be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the subscription services on Handelai's website set forth herein.

The subscription by the User implies the User's agreement and consent to these General Terms and Conditions for the subscription services on Handelai's website. No stipulation made by the User on the present conditions may differ from those established by Handelai C&G, S.L. All the information contained in Handelai's pages concerning the services, products, their characteristics, prices, subscription conditions including their forms and conditions and payment may be modified by Handelai C&G, S.L. at any time and without prior notice, in order to keep the User promptly informed of such changes. It is the User's responsibility to read them periodically in order to keep informed. The User shall be subject to the Conditions in force at the time of using Handelai's website.

Some aspects of the present General Terms and Conditions may be changed by special agreement between the User and Handelai C&G, S.L. always with the express consent of Handelai C&G, S.L

The present General Conditions of contracting of the subscription services in Handelai's Web replace any verbal or written agreement, pact or promise existing between the User and Handelai C&G, S.L. previously agreed between the parties and so recognize this

It will be understood that the User has read, understands and freely accepts the present General Conditions of contracting the subscription services to Handelai's Web when he/she subscribes through the existing subscription forms in Handelai C&G, S.L.'s Web page by accepting (checking) the box provided for that purpose.

Handelai will always reserve the right to accept or deny at its own discretion any subscription and renewal request.

The User affirms that both own and payment data provided to Handelai are true and accurate. Should Handelai find that any or all of such data is false, the subscription shall be automatically cancelled and the User shall not be entitled to claim any refund.

In the event that the User provides data of a third person or entity when subscribing, the User shall be solely responsible for such third person or entity's knowledge and express acceptance of such situation. All liability for damages that may arise from this fact shall be borne entirely by the User, excluding Handelai C&G, S.L. from any liability

By using the information, tools, features and functionalities located on (collectively, the "Service" or the "Services"), you agree to be bound by this Agreement and the Terms, whether you are a "Visitor" (meaning that you simply browse Handelai's website) or you are a "Customer" (meaning that you have registered with Handelai). The term "you" or "User" refers to a Visitor or a Customer.

If you wish to become a Client, communicate with other Clients and/or make use of the Service, you must read this Agreement and indicate your acceptance during the registration process.

If you do not agree to all of the Terms, do not use the Site.

Please review all Terms carefully before using the Site.

By using the Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms and confirm that you are 13 years of age or older and that you can form legally binding contracts.

Before proceeding, you should print or save a local copy of this Agreement for your records.


2. Our data


Handelai C&G, S.L., with CIF: B97634489. Address: Plaza Portal de Elche, nº6, 03001 ALICANTE

Email for communications regarding Data Protection:

Data Protection Delegate: The company does not have a Data Protection Delegate.


3. Use of our website

Except for typographical error or omission, the characteristics, as well as the prices of the subscription services appear perfectly reflected in the different pages of the web that make up Handelai's website (

The amount of the services, as well as any of their characteristics may be subject to revision by Handelai at any time without any obligation to notify such modifications to the User by any means other than the exposition of such changes in its Web pages. On the other hand, except for correction of typographical errors, once the subscription has been made, Handelai shall undertake to maintain the price in force at the time the subscription was made.

Handelai offers, by subscription on its website, a main online service of information and support for entrepreneurship and business management through resources and utilities presented in different formats and consumables both online and by download.

The payment of this subscription includes permanent access to the Handelai learning platform as long as the User is up to date with the corresponding payment.


4. Taxes

The prices shown by Handelai include taxes. VAT (Value Added Tax), will be applicable only to Users whose current residence is located within the areas of specific application for this tax and when the User's situation so requires, respecting, in any case, the Spanish and European laws concerning the same. The applicable VAT rate will be the one legally in force at the time of the purchase of the subscription.


5. Payments

The User is responsible for the payment even when a third party intervenes on behalf of the User, so the responsibility of providing the authentication, access or identification data to a third party is solely and exclusively the User's. Handelai will issue the payment confirmation corresponding to the subscription and it will be sent to the User by e-mail so that later and if he/she wishes, he/she can print it on paper to have it in a physical way.


Payment will always be made in Euros and free of commissions and expenses.

Payment will be made by credit card.

Payment by credit card (authorized by the bank): This is the usual form of payment by credit card on the Internet. In this type of payment, the operation is authorized by the issuing entity of the User's card by means of a connection through the payment gateway (virtual TPV) of Handelai C&G, S.L.'s bank.

The User will access a controlled environment in which he/she will directly provide said entity with his/her card details, which will connect him/her to his/her bank/bank to authorize the transaction. In this way the payment will be made in a direct, legitimate and secure way maintaining the privacy of the card information at all times.

Credit card fraud is a crime and Handelai C&G, S.L. will prosecute anyone who performs or attempts to perform a fraudulent transaction or scam. The Handelai subscription has 2 different prices as indicated in the "PRICES" section of the website (VAT included), a single payment is made to access the services included. The subscription is valid for a period of one month or six months during which the User will be able to access all available resources. The User shall provide his/her payment and billing information by entering the payment gateway and making the corresponding payment to access the required trial period. At the time of registration, the User will provide a username and password which will hereinafter be the "Login" information.


6. Money Back Guarantee

All language course fees are recurring and non-refundable after purchase. If you do not cancel your language course before the end of the indicated course time, you agree to an automatic extension of your language course for the same length of time and terms. If you do not wish to continue your language course, you must deactivate your account in your login area or give us written notice (email).

An exception to the above paragraph is our 7-day money back guarantee when explicitly stated on the payment page. Within 7 days after the purchase of your first month's subscription, you have the right to cancel your language course and receive your full money back by writing a request to make use of this 7-day money back guarantee by giving us written notice (by email).


7. Refund in case of failure to pass official certification exams.

In order to request a refund, you must complete 100% of the exercises of the level(s) corresponding to the official exam(s) you have taken. Example: if you are taking a B2 level, you must have completed all the exercises of the B2.1 and B2.2 level of the platform. You must justify by sending us telematically a copy of the original of the registration accepted by the official examination body and the result of the exam. The completion of the platform exercises and the date of the exam must coincide in the same academic year. The student must take the exam within a maximum of 2 months after finishing the payment of the course.


8. Renewal

The renewal of the subscription is monthly or semi-annual and will be done automatically every month or every six months based on the chosen subscription, once exactly one month or six months have elapsed from the time of payment of the service. The User may cancel the renewal of his subscription for the next period at any time without prejudice to his right of access and consumption of all the services included in the subscription from the time of payment. The cancellation shall be made through the platform. In the event that the User cancels the subscription during the first 7 days, access will continue to be available until 30 days from the date of payment.


9. Refund Policy

Handelai C&G, S.L. does not refund payments or charges made for the acquisition of the rights of consumption and access to the services corresponding to the subscription on the Web.

If the User does not cancel his/her subscription, the monthly or half-yearly amount referred to on the platform's price page will be automatically charged to his/her card.


10. Responsibilities

Handelai C&G, S.L. is not responsible for what is exclusively attributable to the User.

With the acceptance of the present General Conditions of contracting the subscription services on Handelai's website, the User expressly renounces to claim any liability, contractual or extra-contractual, damages and prejudices to Handelai C&G, S.L. for possible problems.

Handelai does not accept any liability arising from the failure of the service to meet the User's expectations or any other damage to the User or third parties

The use that the User makes of the services and other subscriptions is the sole responsibility of the User, in such a way that Handelai C&G, S.L. is not responsible in any way (neither direct nor subsidiary) for any direct or indirect damage that the User may cause to himself or to third parties by such use.


11. Communications

The User is obliged to keep always operative, active and updated the e-mail address as well as the rest of the data provided in the subscription form for the fluid communications with Handelai C&G, S.L.

If the User wishes to change any of the data provided, he/she must do it through a communication by e-mail, complying with the security requirements demanded by Handelai C&G, S.L. in order to verify the legitimacy of the request.

The User shall be held responsible for any consequences that the lack of operability of his/her e-mail address or that the absence of communication for the update of such data in our records may produce.

With reference to the User name and password registered by the User at the moment of subscription to Handelai's website, the User will be the only responsible for its use, protection and maintenance of its confidentiality. The use of these identifiers and the communication of them to third parties, will be under the sole responsibility of the User, being this last one the final responsible for the use of the subscribed service.

The comments and suggestions that the User wants to send to Handelai will be well received. Such comments, suggestions or complaints can be sent to us through the following email: . Your complaints and claims will be attended as soon as possible.


12. Legal Information

Spanish law shall be applicable to the provisions of this document, as well as to the interpretation and resolution of conflicts that may arise between the parties as a consequence of this document.

If any conflict or difference arises between the parties, User and Handelai C&G,S.L. in the interpretation and execution of this document and/or with the use of the web page, and it is not resolved by mutual agreement, the same will be resolved at the request of any of the parties and after written communication to the other, by means of arbitration.

All of the foregoing shall be without prejudice to the possibility that the parties may submit to legal proceedings, in which case they shall be subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Handelai's choice.


13. Industrial and intellectual property

The User acknowledges and agrees that the copyright, authorship and other industrial and intellectual property rights on the contents provided as part of the subscription to the website belong at all times to Handelai or to those who have licensed their use to Handelai. The User may use such material only as authorized by Handelai. .


14. Agreement

If any part of this Agreement is held to be illegal, void or unenforceable by any arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction, this Agreement as a whole shall not be deemed illegal, void or unenforceable, but only the part of this Agreement that is illegal, void or unenforceable shall be severed from this Agreement.

You agree that if Handelai does not exercise or enforce any legal right or remedy that is contained in the Agreement (or of which Handelai has the benefit under any applicable law), this will not be deemed a formal waiver of Handelai's rights and that those rights or remedies will continue to be available to Handelai.

All covenants, agreements, representations and warranties made in this Agreement shall survive your acceptance of this Agreement and the termination of this Agreement.

This Agreement represents the entire understanding and agreement between you and Handelai with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all other prior agreements.

If you have any questions about this policy statement, or any of Handelai's other policies and practices, please contact us at the contact details set forth on and related services are, if not specifically mentioned otherwise, provided by Handelai C&G S.L.